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In 2011, Will Butler, Asa Firestone and the late Gil Weiss discussed the shortcomings of adventure speaker series. They were too long, too egocentric, and simply not gripping for an audience. The three decided to change that with a new speaker series format focused on multimedia, stories that reached a larger audience, and a moderator to keep the speaker relaxed. Tragically, Gil passed away in 2012 while making the first ascent of a modern alpine climb on Palcaraju in Peru but his spirit of adventure and story telling lives on through BEYONDtalks.

Special thanks to the following amazing contributors to BEYONDtalks: Stephen Billings, John Lloyd, Leigh Cushing, Kevin Zeichmann, Max Kudisch, Shay Skinner, Ben Crawford, and so many more!

Asa Firestone

Founder of Beyond Gear and the Director of BEYONDtalks.

An avid climber, receiving multiple grants from the American Alpine Club and National Geographic, Asa received his MBA at USC Marshall in 2012. Previously, he worked in sales at GE, spent five years as an energy efficiency engineer for companies including United Technology Corp and co-founded the Centro de Escalada Urbana (CEU) a climbing school for at-risk youth in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Asa is super passionate for using adventure for good.

Will Butler

Co-founder of Unreasonable Adventures and Interviewer at Beyondtalks

Will Butler was born in a desert, raised in a lion’s den. And his number one occupation is running operations at Unreasonable Adventures (a tech company that specializes in building online reservation software for the guiding industry). He’s also passionate about ice climbing, fly fishing, and sharing conversations with people who blend their passions with their profession.

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